Assignment Office


Mauritius Institute of Education

Room F11

South Block


Contact No. 401 6555 Ext 266/218

Email Address:

Working Hours

Monday – Friday

09.30 – 11.30hrs

12.00 – 13.00hrs (Lunch Time)

13.30 – 15.30hrs

Extension hours on Assignment due date:
12.00 – 13.00hrs and 16.00 -17.20hrs


The Assignment Office was created in October 2010. The office tracks and manages physical assignment submissions from the point of submission through manual and electronic (Bar code) recording process to the delivery to particular marker.


We acknowledge assignment/s for the following courses:

  1. Bachelor of Education – BEd FT/PT
  2. Certificate for Instructors Fire Services
  3. Certificate in Special Educational Needs – CSEN
  4. Diploma in Educational Supervision and Inspection – DESI
  5. Diploma Special Educational Needs – DSEN
  6. Educator’s Licence – EL
  7. Post Graduate Certificate in Education – PGCE FT/PT
  8. Post Graduate Certificate in Education – PGCE Rodrigues
  9. Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership – PGDEL
  10. Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership – PGDEL Rodrigues
  11. Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management – PGDEM
  12. Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusive and Special Education – PGDISE
  13. Teacher’s Diploma Secondary – TDS FT/PT
  14. Teacher’s Certificate in Pre-Vocational Education – CPREVOC
  15. Teacher’s Diploma Pre-Vocational – DPREVOC

When submitting assignment/s, students are requested to:

  • present their Library card
  • mention the Programme, Year, Subject area, Module Code/Title, Name to the officer

The following are to be considered when CD/Projects are enclosed:

  1. Label carefully
  2. Insert CD in a CD pocket and fixed at the back of the assignment
  3. Inform this office about the attachments

In case, the student cannot turn up for the submission of their assignment/s, they can still send someone else with their Student Library Card. Also, if the office is closed for a reason or other, students are requested to follow the notice on the office door or to leave their assignment/s in the respective typing pools.

Note: Student should not leave their assignment/s without signing in this office checklist book. 

Assignment Due Date Form

Module Coordinators are kindly requested to inform our office about forthcoming due dates by filling the downloadable Assignment Due Date Form and send us either by mail or by despatch.Find attachment below


assignment due dates form.docx (22.83 KB)

Assignment Cover Sheet (ACS)

Students are advised to use this generic Assignment Cover Sheet (ACS) specifically matched to their assignment/s when submitting their assignment/s to the Assignment Office.

Click on this link to view the Assignment Cover Sheet