Academic Board

Dr Hemant Bessoondyal   Director (Chairperson)
Dr (Mrs) C Surajbali-Bissoonauth – Representative, Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology
Mr R Aukhojee – Representative, Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology
Prof (Dr) Y Ramma Chairperson – Teacher Education Committee
Dr (Mrs) S Saddul-Hauzaree – Head, Quality Assurance
Dr A B Rumjaun – Head, Research Unit
Dr H Bessoondyal – Head, Higher Studies
Dr (Mrs) A Ankiah-Gangadeen – Head, Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation
Dr S Padaruth – Head, School of Applied Sciences
Mrs J Thaunoo – Head, School of Education
Dr Vèle Putchay – Ag Head, School of Arts & Humanities
Dr R Bholah – Head, School of Science & Mathematics
Mrs S Fulena – Head Librarian
Dr (Mrs) B Oogarah-Pratap – Associate Professor, School of Applied Sciences & Overall Pedagogical Coordinator for Rodrigues
Dr (Mrs) S Goburdhun – Associate Professor, School of Arts & Humanities
Mr S Purdasseea – Lecturer, School of Science & Mathematics
Dr V Baichoo – Lecturer, School of Education
Mrs S Harpal – Representative, Teacher’s Union (Primary) GTU
Mr M Luchoomun – Director, Private Secondary Education Authority (PSEA)
Mrs S L D Gopee – Representative, Open University of Mauritius
Dr I Ahsun – Representative, Mauritius Examinations Syndicate
Dr A A Ramtally – Representative, Mahatma Gandhi Institute
Dr (Ms) R Kasenally – Representative, University of Mauritius
Mr S Meetooa – Representative, Education Officers’ Union (Secondary)
Ms N Kanhye – Representative, MIE Students’ Union
Ms I Jawaheer – Representative, MIE Students’ Union
Mr O Saraye – Registrar (Secretary)

In Attendance:

Mrs R Azaree – Deputy Registrar, Examinations Section
Mr A Dassyne – Assistant Registrar, Examinations Section
Mr S Dhunnoo – Assistant Registrar, Teacher Education Section