Academic Board

1 Dr  H Bessoondyal Director (Chairperson), MIE
2 Mr O Saraye Registrar, MIE


Dr (Mrs) A Ankiah-Gangadeen Chair, Teacher Education Committee
Dr (Mrs) A Ankiah-Gangadeen Head, Curriculum Development & Supervision
4 Dr A B Rumjaun Head of Research Unit
5 Dr (Mrs) S Saddul-Hauzaree Head, Quality Assurance
6 Dr (Ms) H Mariaye Ag. Head,  Higher Studies Committee, MIE
7 Dr V Putchay Head, School of Arts & Humanities
8 Dr R Bholah Head, School of Science & Mathematics
9 Dr S Padaruth Head, School of Applied Sciences
10 Mrs J Thaunoo Head, School of Education
11 Mrs S Fulena Head, Librarian
12 Prof (Ms) S Facknath Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius (UoM), Reduit
13 Mr Viswanaden Sooprayen Patten Head Graphics, Publishing & Printing & Team Leader Quality Assurance Division, Open Univ. of Mtius, Reduit
14 Dr R Appadoo Associate Professor, Head School of Indian Studies
15 Mr Sachindev Daiboo Quality Assurance Officer, Private Secondary Education Authority
16 Dr (Mrs) S Fokeera-Wahedally Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES), Reduit
17 Mr Rajiv Aukhojee Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science & Technology, MITD House, Phoenix
18 Mrs C Surajbali-Bissoonauth Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science & Technology, MITD House, Phoenix


Mr ASRAYAH Navnish Pyree
Mr SALICK Pareekshitsing
MIE Student’s Union
21 Mrs  Veedhyarthee Ballgobin-Sookhun Teacher’s Union (Primary) GTU
School: Grand Bay GS
22 Mr Yugeshwur Kisto President of the Government Secondary School Teachers’ Union
School: Ramsoondar Prayag SSS
23 Dr (Mrs) Oogarah-Pratap Associate Professor,  AP, Pedagogical Coordinator for Rodrigues, MIE
24 Dr (Mrs) T Mohabeer School of Education
25 Mr K Goodoory School of Science & Mathematics
26 Mr N Pyeneeandee School of Arts & Humanities
27 Mr S Dhunnoo School of Education
28 Mrs B Joggesser School of Applied Sciences, MIE
In Attendance
29 Mr A Dassyne Examinations Section
30 Mrs B Bheem Singh Teacher Education Section