Our Activities


We firmly believe that the engagement of academic staff in regular research capacity-building workshops and seminars or conferences is an important stepping stone for enhancing the research capacity at our institution. Since the MIE now has a degree awarding status, we have to keep abreast with latest developments in the field of research and use their research findings in their academic activities. Research is the driving force of all academic activities and represents a crucial aspect of innovation which feeds forward into practice and policy. It should be noted that the development of the requisite skills and attitudes in research is a lengthy process and, once acquired, it should be sustained.


Our MIE Journal of Education – a refereed journal with a double-blind peer-reviewing international system – is, primarily, to disseminate research-based knowledge of scholars (local and international) in addition to providing an international dimension to the research-based publications of our academics. In view of internationalising the Journal of Education, the Research Unit has invited a Professor from Brunel University, London, to be the Editor-in-Chief. Additionally, an International Editorial Committee comprising of academics from the MIE and from international universities has been constituted. The MIE is the only TEI which operates such a system.


Peer-reviewed publications (Journal/Book Chapter) are sine qua non endeavours in tertiary institutions. The process of peer-reviewing is quite rigorous, and it involves subjecting the manuscript to the scrutiny of other professionals in the same field to verify its validity and evaluate its suitability for publication. The manuscript with the criteria for evaluation is sent to two independent reviewers and in the eventuality of a tie, the recourse to a third reviewer is deemed required.

The Research Unit also welcomes reflections or short communications in local publications, like newspapers, journals, amongst others. Such an undertaking will self-capacitate staffs to venture into rigorous research fields.


Research Week at MIE 2022