Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

How to contact us?  

If you have any query or in need of any specific information on any research item, please mail us on 

How to submit a proposal?

The research proposal template is available (click here). Kindly fill in and submit to the Research Unit on

How to get published in our Peer Reviewed Journal of Education?

When the call for paper is open, kindly login on to submit your paper.

How to submit an abstract?

When the call for paper is opened, authors are kindly welcomed to submit their manuscript on Please note you will need to register on the platform to get access.

How does the peer review process take place?

Once a manuscript is received, a pre-screening is done by the Research Unit to determine whether the research study falls within the scope of the themes and to also decide whether a suitable approach has been adopted to address the aims or research questions of the research. If the manuscript is accepted at this stage, it is then sent to two independent reviewers and, in the eventuality of a tie, the recourse to a third reviewer is sought.