MIE  has introduced the use of Clickers,  a response system which can be easily embedded in classroom teaching. It is a student-centered pedagogical technique which readily engages students with course content and is known for improving interactivity, enhance learning through immediate and anonymous feedback. It can also be used for continuous assessment. It provides real-time information, and clear graphical representation of responses. The latest version introduced at the MIE allows for both quantitative and qualitative data responses. The greatest advantage of using clickers is that it allows for anonymous responses which make learners respond more readily without being singled out in the classroom.


The latest addition to technological innovation includes the use of SWIVL (pronounced ‘Swivel’), a digital device for recording classes and for peer-micro teaching which enables the tutors to record and review classes for developing trainees teaching and communications skills in the classroom. This device can follow the teacher in the classroom and allows for recording of a classroom teaching from any angle in a non-intrusive manner as it does not require the services of an operator in the classroom.

Other facilities

• Wifi

• Office 365

• Sharepoint

• Interactive whiteboard

• Digital Books

• Massively Empowered Classroom