6.0 Programme Monitoring & Evaluation

The programme is closely monitored by the MIE Programme Team members and the Desk Officers.  Feedback is gathered from Holistic Education Educators and parents through the use of checklists, questionnaires and group interviews.

6.1 Key Benefits of the Programme (2016 to 2019)

  • Improvements in nutrition knowledge of pupils, educators and parents.
  • Improvement in physical activity habits of children
  • Slight improvement in the consumption of fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks among children
  • Parental involvement through Activity Books and Recipe Contest
  • Largely positive parents’ and educators’ perceptions of the usefulness of the HKP (Mauritius) nutrition education resources and activities.

6.2 Glimpses of Feedback from Educators

Knowledge Gains

  • Pupils have understood that a balanced meal should consist of the 3 food groups for their physical development.
  • Activities using the flash cards help pupils to differentiate among the 3 food groups and at the same time how to compose a balanced meal.
  • Pupils enhanced their cognitive skills through labelling of food items. The body movements allowed students to differentiate between various food groups.
  • The integration of physical activities helped the students to understand the concept being taught well.

Participation and Motivation Level

  • Pupils were excited to do the activity outdoor. Their listening skills were developed as they had to listen carefully to the statements and perform the actions.
  • The pupils were very excited to play the game concerning healthy and unhealthy foods. This lesson was conducted by integrating physical education with Health education (throwing/targeting).  The pupils wanted to do this particular activity.
  • Speed up of Freeze Game has been a very fun and interesting way to engage students in distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy eating.

Improvements in Eating Habits

  • Some pupils have managed to change their eating habits.
  • The students have tried to implement the good practice in their daily lives.
  • It was a learning opportunity for both parents and students. There has been a slight change in what the students used to bring at school.  It has been very beneficial.
  • There are certain pupils who do not take their breakfast in the morning. By teaching them about ‘grab and go’ breakfast, they were motivated to take their breakfast.
  • Students have started to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle, as I have noticed, they bring yogurt instead of eating salty cakes.
  • A decrease in the consumption of unhealthy snacks among students was observed.
  • Students started to bring a balanced meal to school.