Teacher’s Diploma Primary – Holistic Education Programme (TDP HEP)

16. Teacher’s Diploma Primary – Holistic Education Programme (TDP HEP) FT

The Teacher’s Diploma Primary Holistic Education (TDPHE) Programme has been designed to empower trainees who will work as Educators in the Primary school contexts in Mauritius. It is meant to develop professionals in managing teaching and learning across the curriculum and endow them with skills geared towards the underlining philosophy of Holistic Education.

The programme is in line with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF, 2015), which seeks to help learners grow in a holistic manner; not only by developing their cognitive skills, but also, by providing an affective, reflective, and physical dimension to their learning. By placing premium on Holistic Education, the goal of the NCF (2015) is to encourage the development of the learner as a ‘whole’, and to move beyond ‘academic’ subjects and subject area boundaries. It seeks to enable learners to thrive in school contexts which develops their joy of learning, realise their full potential, and help them to become confident lifelong learners and responsible adult citizens.

The Programme is offered to trainees who are assigned the responsibility for teaching of the following subjects offered at Grades 1 to 6:

  • The Arts
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Values and Citizenship Education

The TDPHE Programme spans over 2 years 3 months and seeks to offer trainees a comprehensive preservice training.  It encourages the development of the ‘whole’ which is at the core of Holistic Education and is infused into the abovementioned subjects. What is taught from the lens of these subjects trickles down the whole learning process across the curriculum.

Programme Coordinator 

Dr S Padaruth

Assistant Programme Coordinators

Mrs M Veerapen

Ms J Permall