MIE Educational Conference, 2023: Conference Proceedings and/or MIE Journal of Education Instructions

  • March 1, 2023 - 08:30

Instructions for Submission of Conference Proceedings:

  • The conference proceedings are based on the paper you presented at the conference.
  • Please click on the link below to download the conference proceedings template inclusive of instructions.
  • Submission Format: Email your proceedings to MIE50ResearchConf@mie.ac.mu cc to t.mohabeer@mie.ac.mu 

CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS TEMPLATE: MIE Educational Research Conference, 2023 Conference Proceedings Template.doc

Instructions for MIE Journal of Education Journal Article:

  • A special issue of the MIE Journal of Education will be published on any theme related to the conference theme: “Shaping the Futures of Education through Research.”
  • If you did not present at the conference, you may still submit an article.
  • For those that presented papers at the conference, please ensure your conference proceedings do not replicate your journal article should you wish to also submit an article in the MIE, Journal of Education.
  • Submission Format: Please access the MIE, Journal of Education portal at: ManuscriptManager

MIE, JOURNAL OF EDUCATION TEMPLATE: MIE Journal of Education Template and Style Guide.doc

Submission Deadlines:

  • The full conference proceedings paper: Friday 1st March 2024
  • MIE, Journal of Education article: Friday 1st March 2024