2. 2023 Healthier Kids Programme Team Members

The development, implementation and monitoring of the programme is led by a team of academics at the MIE with expertise in nutrition, physical education, arts, values education and curriculum development.  Desk Officers nominated by the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology provide support to ensure the smooth implementation and monitoring of the programme.


Dr (Mrs) B. OOGARAH-PRATAP, Associate Professor (Coordinator)

Dr R. NENDURADU, Associate Professor

Dr S. PADARUTH, Senior Lecturer

Mrs B.S. BEEBEEJAUN-ROOJEE, Senior Lecturer

Dr V. K. SHIBDOYAL, Senior Lecturer

Mr J. RAMSAHA, Senior Lecturer

Mrs M. VEERAPEN, Lecturer

Mrs B. JOGGESSER, Lecturer

Mr R. RAMSAMY, Lecturer

Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

Mrs B.F. JUMMUN, Desk Officer, Zone 1

Mrs S.B. MULUNG, Desk Officer, Zone 2

Mrs S. GUNGAH, Desk Officer, Zone 3

Mrs A. SEEWOOSUNKUR, Desk Officer, Zone 4