Message of HOD English


Message of the Head of Department:

The English Department services courses for educators in the Early Childhood, primary and secondary sectors mainly. Courses cover content (knowledge of subject area) and methodology of teaching English Language and Literature and vary from proficiency to B.Ed and PGCE levels.

Apart from servicing courses for the above-mentioned, Academics of the English Department also engage in the supervision of dissertations at B.Ed, MA, Ed.D and PhD levels.

Curriculum development is a major component of the day-to-day activities of the academics at the English Department. This comprises the design of course and module content, the writing of support materials for teachers, the writing of textbooks and teachers’ guidebooks for primary and lower secondary education, and the supervision of instructional and support videos and digital content for learners. Members of the department are also solicited for workshops on language and literature teaching and are often invited in outreach activities with key stakeholders.

The responsibilities outlined above and attendant duties such as teaching practice and tutorials/counselling as well as research and administrative duties make the department a vibrant one where all the people are always busy in their work. At the same time, most department members are actively engaged in their own academic and professional development, with at least four members currently engaged in doctoral research. While firmly grounded in an atmosphere of sharing, members are actively exploring different means to share experiences and consult among academics to enhance the academic ambiance that prevails in the English Department.