Teacher’s Diploma Primary (TDP)

15 Teacher’s Diploma Primary (TDP) FT

The Teacher’s Diploma Primary Programme has been designed to empower a new group of trainees who will work as teachers in the Mauritian Primary school contexts. It is meant to develop Holistic Professionals who are competent in managing teaching and learning across the curriculum and endow them with skills compatible with the needs of the 21st Century. The modules offered take into consideration the provisos of the curriculum and adopt a more practical orientation informed by relevant theoretical groundings. The Programme also lays more emphasis on Professional Practice, through tutor support and mentor’s support, and components such as Home School Community Partnership, Remedial Education, Seminars, Compulsory Educational Tours and Workshops among others. The Programme spans over 2 years 3 months and seeks to offer trainees who will opt for training in General Purpose and Orientation Areas a comprehensive pre-service training. This Programme also encourages leadership and group initiatives from trainees as core experiences necessary to develop 21st century competencies.


The programme comprises a total of 75 credits. There are three components in the programme:

  • Taught Modules (63 credits)
  • Non-award seminars
  • Professional Practice module (12 credits)

(TDP handbook, August 2020)

We have an ongoing cohort (ending in March 2022) consisting of 14 trainees (AL, GP and KRM)

TDP Programme Coordinator – Dr C Thondee

Asst Coordinator – Mr S Hurry

Asst Coordinator – Mrs B Joggesser