Diploma, Special Educational Needs (DSEN)

14. Diploma, Special Educational Needs (DSEN) PT

The Diploma in Special Educational Needs (DSEN) aims at preparing teachers to be able to address the diverse learning needs of learners with various disabilities in a classroom both in the special and inclusive schools. The goal is to ‘eliminate all barriers to achieve learning’ (Lipski, 1998) for ALL children.

The DSEN is a part time six semester course, of 60 Credits for the teachers working in general and special schools. Besides five core modules there are specialization modules in five areas of

disabilities viz. Intellectual Disability, Learning Disabilities, Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The course prepares the students to work as special educators in special schools, or in special class situations in regular schools and to work in integrated / inclusive set-ups in regular schools.

To enable the students to:

  • develop professional competencies in the areas of special and inclusive
  • be familiar with diversity of children and their learning process.
  • address the diverse needs of learners in dual settings of inclusive and special
  • apply various methods and approaches of organizing learning experiences of
  • special groups of learners in disability area in inclusive / integrated / special education set up.
  • develop competencies to deal with the academic and personal problems of the learners with special needs.

Programme Coordinator
S Jhugroo – s.jhugroo@mie.ac.mu

Assistant Programme Coordinator(s)
B Ramguttee – b.ramguttee@mie.ac.mu

M Callimootoo-Jeewon – m.callimootoo@mie.ac.mu