Suryakanti Fulena


Ms. Suryakanti Fulena
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Suryakanti earned a BA (Hons) English from the University of Mauritius, followed by a PGCE from the Mauritius Institute of Education. She also has a MA in Education from the University of Brighton. Her latest qualification is a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Specialisation Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision).

She has been in the teaching profession since 2010. She has serviced the Communication Skills module as a Part-Time tutor at the University of Mauritius over different semesters from 2010 to 2017, working with students of different faculties.

She has worked as an educator, teaching English, in a state secondary school from 2013 to 2018.

She is also a PAYLP alumna, having been the mentor for 4 Mauritian youths participating in the exchange programme in the USA in 2017.

Suryakanti joined the MIE in 2018 and since then has been working in the Department of Curriculum Studies and Evaluation.

Suryakanti also collaborates with other cells and departments, servicing the Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education module and Values and Citizenship Education module/seminars.

                                           Professional responsibilities

Departmental level


Course Coordinator PGCE PT  

Course Coordinator B.Ed. FT Secondary

Course Coordinator B.Ed. Rodrigues



TDP FT Assistant Programme Coordinator 


Areas of Research Interest


              Beginning teachers’ professional identity

            Teachers’ assessment practices and constructive alignment both at secondary school level and      in higher education institutions

             Developing mentoring skills in professional educational contexts

Recent Research activities* over the last 2 years. (completed & ongoing)



      Feedback: Perceptions and Expectations

      Learners Engagement in Critical Thinking Activities to Identify and Address Misconceptions in Science

                                               Curriculum Development

Textbook(s) *

Panel member of Grade 8 English textbook (2018)


Member contributing in Pre-Primary NCF (2019)