Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – PT

The PGCE PT Programme is offered to practising secondary school teachers. This programme aims at empowering practising teachers to be able to use up to date strategies and resources to meet the needs of this evolving profession. It also aims at preparing them to meet the challenges of teaching in this new era and to infuse the 21st Century Skills in their practice.

This revised programme places more emphasis on the teaching/learning at classroom level, to empower trainees with best practices while, at the same time, allowing them to critically reflect on their own practices. It runs over four semesters with a maximum duration of six semesters. To be awarded their PGCE, candidates must have obtained 45 credits with an overall minimum GPA of 2.00. The Programme is divided into modules related to professional studies and those related to professional practice. Moreover, there are some elective modules that would help trainees to expand their knowledge and skills.

Trainees have supervised teaching practice that extends up to the school, where they are observed and assessed in the authentic teaching/learning environment, as far as possible.

Programme Coordinators Dr R Beefun

Dr (Mrs) S Goburdhun

Assistant Programme Coordinators Dr B Antonio-Francoise

Dr Vick Shibdoyal

Department of Visual Arts